The Meeting of Strangers Begins…


This is Ilsa, my first stranger that I had to meet and photograph for my assignment. I have to say I used to be a pro at coming up to people and getting photos of them because I used to work as a photographer for a summer camp. That was a year ago and it took me a couple strangers before I really got used to talking and not being too nervous when taking their picture. I still haven’t perfected shooting someone I just met because I was too nervous to realize my background but thats what these assignments are for. Ilsa was very nice and we talked for a bit about where she was from and what she liked to do. She was born and raised in Cuba until she was 13 and then moved to America. I ran into her at one of the antique shops and she said she loves going to these shops when she gets the chance. She was quite a friendly first stranger.


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