My Childhood


I was out taking pictures at a baseball game when I looked back and saw a bunch of kids playing a pick up game of baseball themselves. My friend suggested I go take pictures of them playing for one of our assignments. I left her with that intention but it ended up being a time for me to reminisce on what my childhood was like. A lot of it was just like this pick up game of baseball which was finding anything to make a base out of or getting in arguments over who was out or safe and pushing each other around. It really brought me back to a time that I hadn’t remembered in a very long time. It reminded me of a simpler place in life where wondering where I put my shoes at the end of the day was the biggest concern. Although I would love to turn this photo in for one of my assignments I felt like it had more value to me than completing an assignment or to appease my teacher. For me, this photo is a glimpse of my past.


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