Summer Light Show

Driving to my destination last night I could watch the final rays of sunlight slowly turn into something I had only see online. The northern lights lit up the sky in a fluttering, moving character in a way I’ve never seen. The excitement of it all is beyond words.

I was struggling between just staring at the sky and trying to get as many frames as I could in. I eventually laid down with my camera and that is where I got my favorite shot. Being far enough north I was in between waves of light so that the center of the sky looked like it was the source of the aurora. I felt like I was a part of it, that I was inside this unbelievable event.

This not only added to my love of nature photography, but gets me excited for my next chance to photograph the northern lights so that I can take what I have learned and get even better shots. It is nights like these that remind me of why I got into photography, and why I keep pushing to get better.


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